• Shopping In Downtown

    Shopping In Downtown St Petersburg Florida

    Shopping is a very unique experience in St. Petersburg. For one, they have a vibrant downtown area, which also happens to be super close to the beach. Downtown has a beach, in fact. It’s beautiful. Though, there’s no doubt about it that all of the artwork, local crafts, jewelry, and even blown glass will distract you from the beach. It’s that incredible and amazing. Beyond that there are boutiques selling trendy threads for men and women, long-ago established chocolate shops and even newer ice pop shops. They are social stops as much as flavor sensations. Bernie’s & Son Jewelers 154 Beach Drive, Downtown is the area’s favorite jeweler. They have…

  • If You're Looking To Grow Your Business
    Grow Your Business

    If You’re Looking To Grow Your Business

    If you’re looking to expand or grow your business, then Florida is a very logical state to look at as a place for potential expansion. The amount of consumer dollars available here is pretty impressive. The state already enjoys a large population, but it is a population that continues to grow. Retirement is certainly something that draws plenty of folks here, and Baby Boomers and their elders are certainly one demographic to target if you want to make money. That segment of the population currently holds an estimated two-thirds of all consumer wealth, and with lifespans and expectancies still rising, that financial abundance is not likely going to be inherited…

  • Shopping St Petersburg Florida
    Shopping St Petersburg

    Shopping St Petersburg Florida

    St.Petersburg has a style and flavor all its own, while offering up exceptional experiences within a mid-sized city. Downtown St Petersburg has shop after shop selling books, gifts, antiques, jewelry and clothes. If you are confused about where you want to go then just check out the St. Pete’s Store And Visitors Center. You can find great artwork in St. Petersburg, so do not let the city’s beauty and relaxed atmosphere confuse you. It has a very vibrant community of active independent artists at work. Home Goods To find those specialty items for your home decor, or as gifts, be sure to check out Za’Zood on Central Ave. Unique Shops…